Best Neighborhoods in Montreal to raise a family


Asking any Montreal resident to select the city’s hippest area is certain to provoke a heated argument. In a city as groovy as Montreal, however, there are so many terrific hangouts that naming the “best of the best” is almost difficult and, dare I say, almost cruel. Here is a guide to the greatest of Montreal’s many, many good districts, including where to stay in each, whether you’re looking for a cheap hotel, a luxurious one, or a sunny Airbnb. Depending on your interests—viewing art, eating well, spending time outdoors, or dancing late into the night—your particular preference may differ. 

Old Montreal

Plateau-Mont-Royal & The Mile End 

In 2004, the city of Montreal demolished the unsightly highway interchange at Park and Pine Avenues, ushering in Plateau-Mont-heyday Royal’s as one of the city’s hippest districts. Nearly two decades later, the Plateau is still the best of the best, and I’m not just saying that because I live there. In the vicinity of Square Saint-Louis, which has been home to Montreal’s artists community for more than a century, there is a row of colorful buildings with beautiful staircases. To the north of that, you’ll find exceptional breakfast at Le Petit Rustik on Duluth, Portuguese-style charcoal-grilled chicken at Romados, and poutine at La Banquise on Rachel, in addition to ultra-chic pubs and clubs such as Big in Japan and Apt. 200 on Saint-Laurent. The Plateau is home to several of Montreal’s finest parks, including La Fontaine, Laurier, and Mont-Royal (sometimes known as “the mountain”). For shopping, there are the Saint-Laurent, Saint-Denis, and Mount Royal streets. And if you want to continue the thrill, the Plateau is ideally situated between Old Montreal and Quartier des Spectacles events. 

Quartier des Spectacles 

If you like being in the midst of everything, the Montreal festival area is the place to be. Under dazzling lights are the Just For Laughs and Montreal Jazz festivals, which include both free and paid entertainment. Le Central, a food court with a range of independent options, is highly recommended. And if you like punk rock bars, Foufones Électriques is a Montreal institution that everyone has a story about. On Saint-Denis Street in the Latin Quarter, there are a number of restaurants and taverns, however they appeal mostly to visitors. You should check out the Montreal circus festival when Le 4e Mur is in operation. Since you’re already in the heart of the city, there are a few more attractions nearby: A new Chinatown with unlimited buns, dumplings, and sushi. And make sure to see every exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. 

Quebec City Rue St-Louis


If you are seeking respectable job in Canada, you should investigate the Saint-Henri neighborhood. This site has attracted countless young professionals throughout the years. Saint-Henri offers a variety of local activities, like meandering through its colorful narrow streets, photographing Art Deco architecture and the downtown area, and going to the famed Atwater Market. The Lachine Canal is the main attraction, where you may picnic or go for a stroll. Le Vin Papillon is the best place to enjoy natural, high-quality wines, despite the presence of other prominent restaurants and bars in the region. 

Old Montreal 

Old Montreal is the most historic residential area of the city and has the feel of a small town in Western Europe. Because you are able to take your dog for walks along the promenade that surrounds the Old Port and down Rue de la Commune, the location is great for those who are contemplating moving with a pet. There are a number of upscale boutiques, endearing restaurants, and cozy coffee shops located along Saint Paul Street. The Grand Notre Dame Cathedral is the most popular destination, but if you’re looking for a great spot to take an Instagram snap of the surrounding region, walk up to the rooftop of the William Gray Hotel. 

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