Best Neighborhoods in Toronto to rent an apartment


Toronto has been and will continue to be a popular place for all phases of life, including family life, education, and retirement. This picturesque city includes a broad range of neighborhoods, each of which emphasizes a unique facet of community life. There are waterfront neighborhoods, residential regions, and commercial districts for entrepreneurs and students. There are now 190 listed property rentals in Toronto, with an average price of $1,789. Here are the greatest Toronto rental neighborhoods and the reasons why you would want to live there!



If you want to rent a property in Toronto and are a student at the University of Toronto, the Annex neighborhood is ideal. This neighborhood is located near the school, making the trip to and from class convenient. The neighborhood offers a variety of services, eateries, and exercise choices to its people. Additionally, there are beautiful cafés nearby, ideal for those lengthy study sessions! The Annex Toronto neighborhood is about a 10-minute commute from downtown Toronto (or a 15-minute bus ride).


Toronto’s Yorkville community is located near the Annex neighborhood. This neighborhood is noted for its bohemian atmosphere and upscale stores and restaurants. This neighborhood is more costly to reside in because of its proximity to the central business district and its high-end amenities. Due to its popularity, supply is restricted in this region, which is dominated by luxurious hotels and elegant residential complexes.

Yonge and St. Clair District

This neighborhood, known as “midtown,” is home to several businesses and facilities. ranked Yonge and St. Clair as the seventh-best neighborhood in Toronto. Although it is not the most popular neighborhood, it is well-kept and a fantastic alternative for people searching for more cheap housing than in the city center. The neighborhood is especially desirable due to the attractive green areas that surround it.

York Mills

The York Mills region is particularly desirable due to its reputation for luxury houses and condos. In the past, the neighborhood was sustained by a large number of mills that were situated inside the village. The mills existed between 1804 and 1926, but they have since been demolished. Now in their place are a beautiful green area and walking routes, as well as over ten schools (elementary through high school) that are excellent for families with younger children.

Canada Day Toronto

Scarborough Village

Scarborough Village is the perfect place to rent in Toronto if you’re searching for a slower, more inexpensive lifestyle. This neighborhood, situated east of Toronto, is a beautiful region with public waterfront parks overlooking Lake Ontario. The whole Scarborough region is loaded with a variety of services, including tiny cafés, foreign cuisine, and stores of various types. The neighborhood is 50 minutes by car or 75 minutes by bus from the city center.

Henry Farm

Students attending Lambton College may find the best housing options in the Henry Farm neighborhood. This hamlet is situated just to the northwest of Scarborough and is popular with both families and students. The Henry Farm neighborhood is well-known for its “community vibe” and compact layout. Just to the north of the neighborhood are a lot of conveniences, including the Cadillac Fairview Mall.


If you are searching for a rental in Toronto, the Newtonbrook neighborhood is a wonderful option! with close proximity to the Centerpoint Mall (with more than 80 stores and 22 dining choices) and other recreational spaces. In addition to its schools (including Lester B. Pearson), Yonge Street offers numerous retail options in Newtonbrook. If you are searching for a rental in an area with a variety of activities, look no further than Newtonbrook!

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