Best Neighborhoods to raise a family in Vancouver


Vancouver is a city that genuinely offers something for everyone. Given the city’s temperate climate, magnificent natural location, and metropolitan accessibility, it’s not surprising that the rental market is so busy. These aspects also contribute to the city’s family-friendliness. Vancouver is the ideal location for individuals with children or dogs due to the city’s outstanding schools and tranquil, tree-lined streets located just outside of the city’s bustling center. If all of this seems like a good match and you’re wondering where to start your search, you’re in the perfect spot! Examining what they provide in terms of schools, transit, and average rent, we examine some of Vancouver’s most desirable family-friendly neighborhoods.

Dunbar view


The quiet, tree-lined lanes that overlook Vancouver provide a respite from the city’s bustle. You may use the childcare facilities at the Dunbar Community Centre while cycling or dancing for exercise and bringing your children to Dunbar Community Centre summer day programs and events. There are a number of cafes that welcome families in Dunbar’s little commercial sector. The Kokopelli Café on Dunbar Street, for example, has a play area for children to enjoy while their parents dine. Due to the region’s concentration of single-family houses, you will have access to uncommon parking and backyard space inside the municipal boundaries.

West Point Grey, Vancouver

West Point Grey

The westernmost point of the peninsula is home to West Point Grey, a family-friendly residential neighborhood that provides housing alternatives in a gorgeous setting. Jericho Beach and Spanish Banks, two of the region’s most popular beaches, provide breathtaking views of the sun sinking over the surrounding mountains. These beaches are great for planning a big family barbecue since they provide many vendors and restrooms, tennis and volleyball facilities, and “quiet zones.” A walking and bicycling trail, the Seawall, connects the neighborhood to Downtown. West Point Grey, like its neighbor Dunbar, has an amazing selection of schools, a leisure facility with a variety of child-friendly activities, and a burgeoning business sector.

vancouver fall


You have discovered a peaceful residential neighborhood with access to the surrounding natural surroundings. Renfrew Ravine Park’s forests and creekside walking paths have had recent enhancements, and a boardwalk and dog park have been constructed. One of the city’s most diverse communities, Renfrew-Collingwood, is home to a prominent private high school that welcomes immigrants to Canada. Families from across the globe enjoy visiting the community center, the public pool, and the Collingwood Neighborhood House, which is part of the Joyce Skytrain Station and offers educational and recreational opportunities for children and their families.

Kensington-Cedar Cottage

Families seeking a good level of living at an affordable price are migrating to the Kensington-Cedar Cottage area. Even though the area has two ancient neighborhoods, the population is youthful and varied. You will have a terrific time admiring the view from the top of Vancouver’s east-west ridge and taking advantage of the recreational options at Trout Lake Beach, a popular freshwater beach situated inside John Hendry Park.

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