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Parents and children who place a high value on school rankings must exercise care. Any ranking list gives a limited evaluation of school achievement. No ranking can inform all Montreal parents which school is the “best” for their children and families. The vast diversity of private schools in Montreal indicates that there are institutions that excel in many different areas. We provide information and resources across our website to assist families in determining what is best for their children. It’s all about finding the appropriate match, and selecting a school should be a lengthy, deliberate process.

The private school you’re considering in Montreal has a low acceptance rate, indicating that it may be tough to get admission. In turn, this would appear to imply that the school has a solid reputation and is highly sought after by parents. Nevertheless, this is a basic metric. Various variables may impact a school’s capacity to accept applications, such as a school’s superior marketing or restricted facilities. A school’s low admittance rate is in no way indicative of its suitability for your children.

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Miss Edgar’s & Miss Cramp’s School

Miss Edgar’s and Miss Cramp’s are small in size but large in concept. ECS, an innovative girls’ school established in 1909 by female mavericks, appreciates and guides each girl’s unique path. We provide an interesting and superior education for success in a world that is always changing. At ECS, she will experience a feeling of belonging and get customized attention, which will empower her to take charge of her learning process. By nurturing an entrepreneurial attitude, each girl enabled to define her own destiny and become a global citizen.

The Study

The Study, founded in 1915 and one of the most prestigious all-girls institutions in Canada, enables each student in Kindergarten through Grade 11 to realize her full potential by promoting academic success in an innovative English and French environment rooted in tradition. There is no need for a Certificate of Eligibility for English Instruction. Calculus, Chemistry, French, and Psychology are Advanced Placement (AP) courses. A mother-tongue bilingual education curriculum in which fluency and accuracy in both languages developed. Makerspace and Innovation Lab are active learning environments where students concentrate on design thinking and coding. Pupils gain dependable skills and values through the leadership development programme. The curriculum is thoroughly interwoven with technology; coding and programming begin in kindergarten.


The Priory School

The Priory is a well-known coeducational elementary school whose slogan is “Happy Children Learn Best.” Committed to best practices in early childhood education, The Priory is a school where a child’s curiosity and creativity are nurtured and they participate in meaningful learning in a supportive environment. Excellence in education and a thirst for knowledge are key to the school’s mission. a wholly independent institution that does not need an eligibility certificate. A small, one-classroom-per-grade institution with a familial environment. Highly active parent community with several involvement options. They have a comprehensive educational strategy that promotes pupils’ social and emotional health. An English school with a French curriculum is essential to enabling success in a bilingual setting.

Alexander von Humboldt German International School

From kindergarten to twelfth grade, AvH offers a private German education focused on languages, mathematics, and the sciences. The three languages taught at AvH are German, French, and English. The only school in Canada to offer the German Foreign Abitur is AvH. This accreditation allows pupils to bypass their final year of high school and enroll in university in Canada, Germany, or anywhere immediately. There is an option for a trilingual educational environment. to finish the German Abitur to speed college and university entrance procedures. The campus encompasses a vast forested area that stretches to the coast of the St. Lawrence River. After school, students can do things like soccer, karate, programming, 3D printing, badminton, and tennis.

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North Star Academy

They are committed to our children’s academic and artistic potential. Small class sizes enable individualized instruction and an interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes 21st century skills. The school plans to bring the world to its pupils via community service, volunteering, and travel, in addition to sending its students throughout the world. Parents are partners in the education of their children, and daily contact with instructors and staff is essential to our operations. They educate for life, not just for school! Create connections that are mutually beneficial modification of the curriculum to match the needs of advanced students. Setting educational objectives guides our education. Maintain class sizes that are manageable.

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