Best Universities in Calgary


Calgary, often known as ‘C-Town’ and ‘Cowtown,’ is the centre of Canada’s oil industry and is frequently called the energy capital of Canada. This cosmopolitan city in Alberta is home to countless festivals, natural beauty, and exciting events such as the Calgary Stampede. Calgary is considered the safest, cleanest, and most rapidly expanding city in Alberta, Canada. Due to these features and the fact that Calgary is home to several prestigious schools, obtaining more education at a Calgary university becomes a practical option. This article will examine the universities of Calgary and the reasons why international students should enroll there.

York University

University of Calgary

Institution Calgary is ranked first and is the only university in Calgary to make the QS World University Rankings 2022 (235th). This public research university provides local and foreign students more than 250 academic programs. It is one of the top universities in Calgary, Canada, and a member of the U15 Group of public research institutions in Canada. This institution has around 30,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Mount Royal University

The publicly funded research institution that is Mount Royal University is well-known for the calibre of its academic programs as well as its infrastructure and facilities. On our list of universities located in Calgary, Canada, this one has stood the test of time the longest. Mount Royal University provides students with the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree, in addition to other certificates and diplomas, in a wide number of subject areas, such as the arts, business, science and technology, communication, education, health, and community.

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St Mary’s University

One of the most prominent names among Calgary’s Catholic educational establishments is St. Mary’s University. a “Independent Academic Institution” that has been given the seal of approval by the Alberta Advanced Education. If you want to study in Calgary in fields such as the liberal arts, your sole choice is this particular university. St. Mary’s is well-known for providing degrees to local and international students that are recognized for their high quality and are also quite affordable. This institution, like many others, provides a number of financial aid opportunities to students coming from inside the country as well as from outside the country.

Ambrose University

An independent and Christian-affiliated college that is known for its academic programs in the areas of business, science, and the liberal arts. The fact that this school has such a deep devotion to Christianity means that its alumni often lead very active and dedicated Christian lives. This educational establishment has a student-to-faculty ratio of 1:4, and there are more than 1000 students enrolled. Ambrose University might be an excellent choice for you if you are a student who is interested in Christian studies, a Christian, and you want to study in the Calgary area.

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