Best Waterfalls in Canada


What exactly makes waterfalls so alluring? It is amazing to see the sight of water continually flowing through rock. If you are the kind of person who could spend hours watching water fall from a height, you should see Canada’s greatest waterfalls.

Some are absurdly tall, and others expel an unbelievable amount of water. Others are surrounded by pristine forest, creating a backdrop so beautiful that you may be inclined to pinch yourself. No, this is the reality of Canadian life. Some of the waterfalls on this list are accessible by automobile, while others require hiking—sometimes for days. Others give a glimpse of the peak. One famous waterfall may be accessed from behind the falls, while another can be traversed by a suspension bridge.

Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls are a popular worldwide tourist attraction, and for good reason. No matter how many times you’ve seen it in a photograph or film, it is difficult to comprehend the sheer amount of water until you see it in person. Niagara Falls is not the tallest waterfall in Canada; at a height of a little over 50 meters, it is not even close. However, it is very vast. What is usually known as Niagara Falls consists of three distinct waterfalls: Horseshoe Falls, which are visible from the Canadian side, are 790 meters wide and have an average yearly flow rate of 2,400 cubic meters per second.

The Niagara Falls are an incredible experience. There are some very unique ways to engage with the falls, despite the fact that the surrounding area is filled with hotels, restaurants, touristic stores, and tackiness. You may descend an elevator and go through a tunnel to see the falls from behind, capture panoramic views of the falls from a zipline, or take a boat excursion to see the falls from below.

Virginia Falls

Virginia Falls

Although Virginia Falls is twice as tall as Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls is the most well-known waterfall in Canada. It features the same awe-inspiring single-drop waterfall style; it does not leap or change direction; it is just a vast volume of water falling over the brink.

However, other waterfalls are more challenging to get to. To reach Virginia Falls, you must go to the Nahanni National Park Reserve in the Northwest Territories in the extreme north. The finest view of Virginia Falls may be obtained by kayaking or rafting down the Nahanni River. There is no other way to approach the falls’ base, where their enormity may be truly understood. Unsure about your readiness for such an amazing journey? You can also take a float plane trip to see the falls from above, which is also a very cool thing to do.

Takakkaw Falls

Takakkaw Falls

At almost 300 meters in height, Takakkaw Falls is the second highest waterfall in all of Canada. This glacier-fed waterfall is one of the attractions of Yoho National Park in British Columbia. You can get a peek of Takakkaw Falls from the twisting road, but to properly appreciate them, you’ll need to park your vehicle and walk a short-paved path. Follow your ears: it is hard to miss the sound of the falls. Before you know it, you’ll be standing in the mist, your jaw likely open at the scene before you.

Helmcken Falls

Helmcken Falls

Helmcken Falls, located in the Cariboo Mountains of British Columbia, is one of the country’s most stunning waterfalls. This area’s water flows over an eroding cliff. Even though the falls photograph brilliantly, it is quite difficult to portray the falls’ drama in two dimensions. A superb observation platform provides the ideal vantage point, and the falls are easily accessible from the main road. You might also continue along the eight-kilometer (return) Rim Trail to see the waterfalls from a different angle.

Arthur Wellesley Gray is largely responsible for the creation of Wells Gray Provincial Park, which was established to safeguard Helmcken Falls. The falls, which are the fourth tallest in Canada, remain the most popular attraction in the park. Helmcken Falls is a great time to observe, but April is often the best month for waterfall watching. Incredible ice formations appear around the waterfall, creating a beautiful sight. It is quite a sight to witness the water of the falls gushing so quickly in contrast to the surrounding ice cone.

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