Canada’s Vacation Home Market


Canada has numerous natural wonders, from glaciers to beaches, mountains and beautiful coasts. Places like Ellesmere Island in remote Nunavut or incredible ski resorts like Whistle. from British-style architecture in Victoria to French-style architecture in Quebec. It is unquestionably a land of contrasts.

Aside from the breathtaking scenery, the country offers a variety of activities such as safaris, national park trails, woodland walks, mountain skiing, scuba diving, and camping. Canada also has magnificent little towns, villages, huge cities, and local indigenous communities. At Canada, each city, town, or hamlet offers a different experience. Similar to Canadian vacation houses, you may visit art museums, science and natural history museums, city parks, and magnificent landmarks. Since 2019, the market for vacation houses in Canada has been booming, as have the prices. Although condos in winter ski resorts, coastal locations, and lakefront apartments are the most popular assets for purchasers, it is hard to hedge your bets on where you should buy your holiday property. So, here is a list of Canadian towns and cities that will guarantee a great holiday and may entice you to purchase a home there.

Lake Ontario - Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County
Prince Edward County is around 2 hours’ drive from Toronto. It features a 500-mile-long coastline with breathtaking vistas that complement its sandy beaches. The county is home to provincial parks, restaurants, camping, and fishing places. Also it has beautiful white sand beaches and dunes. Visitors may enjoy the beaches during the summer and ice fishing and other snow-related sports during the winter. In 2021, the price range in Prince Edward County was about $840,000 CAD.

South Bruce Peninsula
The South Peninsula is well-known for its breathtaking lighthouses and lake views, which entice tourists to return again and again. This popular holiday attraction has boardwalks, golf courses, campgrounds, restaurants, cafés, and sandy beaches. The most well-known is Sauble Beach, a stunning, crystal-clear beach that may make tourists believe they are not in Canada. Aside from that, the real estate market in Bruce County is likely inexpensive when you compare it to other regions of Ontario or even Canada. Buyers may find a wide variety of properties in towns such as Sauble Beach and Southampton, with prices ranging from $500,000 to $2,000,000 CAD.

Mile Lake

Muskoka Lakes, a popular summer cottage destination in Ontario and Canada, is just a three-hour drive from Toronto. It is full of small charming villages, woods, and lakes with a wide variety of recreational opportunities. In the summer, you may camp, walk, and participate in water activities; during the winter, you can ski or snowboard. Muskoka features cottages for everyone; basic, luxurious, compact, and average; on major lakes like Lake Joseph, Lake Rosseau, or Georgian Bay; or tiny lakes for those who desire solitude. Previously, luxury cottages sold for between $5 million and $6 million CAD in 2018, but by 2022, their prices had risen to between $8 million and $12 million CAD.

Whistler is a well-known ski resort not just for Canadians, but for people all over the globe. It is located on the West Coast, approximately one and a half hours from Vancouver. It boasts the most skiable terrain in North America and hosted the Winter Olympics in 2010. Whistler offers several lakes, bike and hiking paths, breathtaking scenery, waterfalls, and magnificent woods. During the summer, lakes provide sandy beaches, water sports, and nature activities. More than $1.55 billion CAD in real estate was sold in 2021, representing a 35% increase over 2020.

Victoria BC - Canada

Victoria, about 4 hours by vehicle from Vancouver, is not only the capital of British Columbia, but also one of its most beautiful. Victoria is also known as “the Garden City” because of its many parks, woods, and gardens. It is also a historically significant city and one of British Columbia’s oldest communities. This city has a lot to offer over 3 million overnight guests every year. There are several nightclubs, theatres, bars, restaurants, museums, parks, and other attractions downtown Victoria. Every year, the city hosts hundreds of festivals, bringing all types of attractions and activities to the city. Victoria boasts beautiful beaches, mountain hiking routes, bicycle paths and more. A regular price for a downtown condo in Victoria ranges from $500,000 CAD for single families to $870,000 CAD. In terms of rentals, downtown homes range from $100 CAD to $250 CAD a night.

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