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Microsoft inaugurated four floors of additional office space near the top of a 50-story glass tower near Scotiabank Arena, home of the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leaf’s and the NBA’s Toronto Raptors. Google was about to establish a new facility around the block where Apple and Amazon had buildings. At that time, Meta, Facebook’s parent company, did not yet have a downtown presence. But some Toronto companies claimed that the social networking business drove up wages to Silicon Valley levels as it attracted top developers around the city.

King Toronto

King Toronto
This proposed condo project is a mixed-use condominium building planned for Toronto’s Fashion District by Westbank Corp and Allied. The unique design of King Toronto Condos, which reaches a maximum of sixteen floors, will be ready for occupancy in 2023. This Fashion District condominium will occupy almost a whole city block on King Street between Portland Street and Spadina Avenue. It includes the properties between 485 and 539 King Street West, including three historic buildings.

westbank corp canada

Westbank is a studio dedicated to developing beauty in all its forms and the broadest sense. As a consequence of their growth, the title “developer” no longer accurately describes their job. They pursue partnerships with cultural pioneers, showcasing their work and allowing it to influence and inspire their ideas. They strive to establish relationships with artists to function as patrons of their work rather than as consumers of creative services. They embrace their multifaceted nature, broadening their interests and seeking out willing collaborators in art, culture, music, fashion, technology, sustainability, and architecture while working on projects ranging in size from micro to mega. They have always strived to make substantial contributions to the communities in which they operate, and they see the creation of beauty as the means to this end. They have taken on the responsibility of fighting for; creating, nurturing, and celebrating it. By putting all of their efforts into reaching this goal, they have gone beyond the idea of a real estate development company and become a cultural firm.

allied properties reit logo

Allied Properties Real Estate Investment Trust
Allied works on the guiding idea that real estate is a deeply human enterprise. They went public in 2003 with the sole objective of consolidating high-quality workspace, allowing them to become Canada’s largest owner, manager, and developer of metropolitan office assets. Their commitment to a distinctive urban workspace bases on a clear value proposition: a well-designed, centrally located, distinctive, and cost-effective workspace that adds social, cultural, and economic value for their users, as well as for the communities and cities in which their buildings operate. They think that each building is an investment in the community and acknowledge that a neighborhood’s vitality and the performance of its buildings are intrinsically intertwined. Additionally, Allied is a product of its past and business environment. Urban intensification is becoming the single most essential aspect of their corporate environment. A significant number of Canadians live and work downtown than ever before. The future of urban workspace is the future of Allied. It entails the continuous consolidation and mixed-use intensification of unique urban office assets, design sensitivity, and cooperation, all of which are vital to their success and provide value — economically, socially, and culturally. They are committed to giving their tenants urban office spaces that make their lives better and add to the vitality of the urban fabric of their communities.

Microsoft 725 Granville Street exterior

Microsoft Canada launched its new headquarters in downtown Toronto, offering blogTO and other media sources a first peek. The free café on the 43rd floor of the brand-new CIBC SQUARE building in Toronto’s South Core is served by baristas and provides breathtaking views of the city. Microsoft announced in September 2018 that it would establish a new office inside CIBC Square, making it one of the first tech corporations to announce an expansion in Toronto during the previous four years. At 81 Bay Street, a 132,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art office opened today, but not with 500 new workers, but with 2,500 — five times the company’s original estimate of the number of jobs it would generate.

Each level has a mix of open-concept and hot-desking stations, interspersed with conference rooms equipped with the most advanced communication and connectivity-enabling technology. The Growth Mindset Library, a “silent corner” on the 44th floor that utilized for breaks or informal meetings, can inspire employees. It would be easy to mistake this office space for an art museum because of its unique design philosophy, mixes acrylic, sculpture, and murals.

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