Easter in Canada: Fun Activities to Enjoy During the Spring Holiday


Easter is a big holiday in Canada because it marks the start of spring and is a time to celebrate new starts. Canada offers a range of enjoyable Easter activities, whether you are seeking a family-friendly activity or a single trip. This article examines the finest Easter festivities in Canada as well as ways to make the most of this wonderful occasion.

Easter eggs in basket

Participate in an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are a cherished Canadian tradition and a fantastic family pastime. Many communities and organizations organize Easter egg hunts where children may look for eggs filled with candy. You may also organize your own Easter egg hunt with family and friends, either inside or outdoors, and add to the enjoyment by decorating the eggs creatively. Parks, gardens, and community centers are some of the top Easter egg hunt places in Canada.

Attend an Easter Parade

In many towns and cities in Canada, there are Easter parades with people dressed up, colorful floats, and marching bands. Participating in an Easter procession is a wonderful way to enjoy the spring weather and experience the joyous atmosphere of the occasion. Check with the community center or tourism bureau in your region for information about Easter parades. Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal host some of the most impressive Easter parades in Canada.

Easter eggs - straw decoration

Decorate Easter Eggs

Easter egg decorating is a popular activity in Canada and a new way to celebrate the occasion. There are many ways to decorate eggs, from the old-fashioned way of dying them to more complicated patterns made with stickers, markers, or paint. You could use natural colors made from fruits, vegetables, and herbs for something new and good for the environment. In Canada, hobby shops, dollar stores, and internet merchants are among the finest locations to get egg decorating supplies.

Enjoy a Special Easter Meal

During Easter, family members gather for a special supper. A lot of Canadians like an Easter dinner consisting of roasted lamb, ham, or turkey. Also, Canada celebrates Easter with exquisite hot cross buns topped with a cross. You may also make your own Easter delicacies, such as carrot cake, bunny-shaped biscuits, and chocolate nests with little eggs. Bakeries, supermarkets, and specialized food shops are the best locations in Canada for purchasing Easter sweets.

Visit a Local Farm

During the spring, a number of Canadian farms welcome tourists. Easter is a great time to visit a local farm to watch the new life of the season, such as newborn animals, blooming flowers, and developing plants. Participate in seasonal activities like planting seeds, hayrides, and petting zoos. Some of the finest possibilities to visit farms are found in the rural regions around major Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

In Canada, Easter is a time of excitement, family, and fresh beginnings. You may celebrate Easter and welcome spring in a variety of ways, whether you choose classic activities like egg hunts and parades or something more unique like farm visits or egg painting. With so many options, you will surely discover the ideal Easter celebration in Canada.

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