Finding places to stay in Canada


Everyone who immigrates to Canada is required to choose a permanent residence as one of their first responsibilities. Depending on the nature of your employment, you may need temporary housing in Canada prior to beginning your search for a long-term apartment or home. From your first night through your first lease and beyond, this article gives valuable suggestions.

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You may also prepare ahead for self-catering accommodation in Canada, maybe for a month. While Airbnb is the market leader, there are a number of other companies that help newcomers to Canada find good places to live while they are there.

It may be difficult to find a solution to this challenge in a nation as vast and culturally diverse as Canada. Despite this, we are resourceful people who will do all in our power to answer your inquiry on the cost of rent in Canada. According to, beginning in May 2020, rental pricing in some of Canada’s most popular tourist destinations may see major adjustments. In Vancouver, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is well above $2,000, but in Edmonton, it is likely to be around $1,000. While Calgary, Montreal, and Hamilton may be closer to the bottom of our list, Toronto’s rental market has been more costly over the last several years.

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The twelve Canadian cities with the most expensive rental markets, according to’s National Rent Report, are all situated in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia. Toronto and Vancouver are the top two cities on this list, which maybe should not come as a surprise. According to the website Numbeo, the monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Toronto and Vancouver has exceeded $2,000 USD. Consequently, you may be required to make concessions in one or more areas. For instance, you may have to relocate to a more inexpensive area that is distant from the city center and has great public transit, or you may have to initially share an address. You might also try moving to a new city to see if that helps.


Montreal has the lowest rental expenses among Canada’s most populated cities. Even though there are more people per dwelling, the average monthly rent in Canada’s second-largest city is much less than $1,000. This compares well to other major Canadian cities. Other Quebec cities, such as Quebec City and Gatineau, have far less expensive rentals than Montreal. There are cities in Ontario with rental costs that are both among the highest and lowest in the nation. In smaller Ontario and Quebec municipalities, it is possible that immigrants may find more affordable housing options.

MoneySense also provides a comprehensive analysis of the cost of renting a home or apartment in Canada. According to the journal’s findings, Ontario has both some of the costliest and some of the most affordable rental communities in the United States. The cost of renting a home in Timmins, Cornwall, and Sault Ste. Marie is much lower than in Toronto.

Unless you and the landlord agreed to a different term, you probably signed a one-year lease. After the first year, the parties have the option of renewing the contract for another year or moving to a month-to-month arrangement. You must communicate any concerns with the landlord prior to signing the lease. In Ontario, rent increases must be separated by at least one year, and renters must be notified at least ninety days in advance. The provincial government has placed a ceiling of 1.2% on the highest possible rent increase in Ontario in 2022.

In 2022, a corresponding piece of legislation in British Columbia permits a maximum rent rise of 1.5%. In addition, rent increases in Alberta are only permissible if more than a year has passed since the last increase, and then only under certain conditions. In contrast, as in Ontario and British Columbia, there are no price restrictions.

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