How to maintain your condo in winter


Each year, winter seems to surprise Toronto apartment dwellers. Here, summers are lovely. In this lovely city, apartment living is a dream come true. However, autumn and winter will arrive swiftly. Numerous condo buyers in Toronto believe they are investing in a maintenance-free, move-in-ready option. Condos are not completely maintenance-free, even though owning a condo in Toronto is a lot less work and more pleasant than owning a house in the suburbs.

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Winterizing, or winter-proofing, as some like to call it, is not a very difficult task, but it is essential for keeping your Toronto condominium in pristine shape throughout the winter and beyond. While your Toronto condo association is responsible for maintaining the outside, or “envelope,” of the building, there are seasonal aspects of your unit that need your care.

A common source of a “draft” or “chill” in your Toronto condominium is cold air coming via the windows. Caulk the window’s frame to fill up any gaps. Caulk must not be put over holes! If you currently have blinds or thin window coverings, you might consider investing in thicker, insulating drapes. In addition to keeping chilly air from entering your Toronto condo, insulated drapes also allow less light to penetrate throughout the night and early morning (your summer self will thank you!). Inspect the weatherstripping and seals around your doors as well (e.g., patio doors or balcony doors). Buying new weather stripping and/or seals may help keep cold air from coming into your Toronto apartment. This is a good reason to spend money on their replacement.

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If your flat in Toronto does not have central air conditioning, you must winterize windows, balconies, and portable air conditioners. If you have them, you may remove and store window and portable air conditioners for the winter. The window must then be sealed to prevent cold air from entering. Condominiums in Toronto with balcony air conditioners may use a tarp or cover to keep snow, ice, and dampness out. In addition, it is essential to cover the furniture and other things on the balcony or patio of your apartment.

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You may choose to acquire a few more things to make your Toronto apartment cozier throughout the winter, in addition to the aforementioned safeguards. The first thing is meant to break the ice. By sealing the areas surrounding doors and windows, these simple and affordable devices prevent cold air from entering the home. After a few years, the investment will more than pay for itself, and you will have a warm, comfortable winter. Several Toronto apartment owners use humidifiers throughout the winter months. The HVAC system will operate more effectively if the relative humidity in your Toronto flat is optimal. During the dry winter months in Toronto, you should use a humidifier to add moisture to the air in your apartment.

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