How to Spend a Day in Toronto?


So you’ve landed in Toronto; congratulations! You may be passing through Toronto on a stopover, or you could be travelling from Ottawa, Kingston, Niagara Falls, or the United States. In Toronto, the largest city in Canada, there are a number of must-do daily activities. Having spent a large amount of time in Toronto, we determined that a thorough one-day itinerary (including food and drink) would be useful! This lesson has also been adjusted so that it may be performed both throughout the summer and winter. We endeavoured to provide year-round indoor/outdoor options!

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Excellent morning! If you have already spent the night in the city, you may be interested in seeing the dawn. If not, you may skip this portion and go to breakfast when you get alert. If you want to see the sunrise or just take a stroll in the morning, you should go to the Lake Ontario coastline. If you go to Downtown Toronto, you will reach the Harbourfront and get a view of Billy Bishop Airport. There is an expansive seaside walkway for cyclists, runners, and joggers. In the early morning sunlight, it’s possible to observe aircraft take off and land. The shot above was taken in Toronto, but in an area named The Beaches on the city’s east end. You COULD travel there for dawn, but it is a 40-minute streetcar ride, so it may not be feasible. We just wanted to let you know.

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Toronto is known of its great choices for breakfast and brunch. We have visited a range of brunch locations from the west end to the east end of the city. The east end eatery Lady Marmalade is one of our favourites. If you saw sunrise at The Beaches, you would likely visit. The lineup’s potential makes the wait worthwhile (in our opinion). Sunset Grill is a classic eatery that never disappoints. There are several locations across the city, including one on Richmond Street in the central business district. We have frequented this establishment, and their breakfast has never disappointed.

Okay, it’s now the afternoon. Now that you’ve eaten a full poutine lunch, it’s time to explore further! To continue seeing downtown Toronto, we’re travelling south of where you had lunch, but further to the south (waterfront) and east of Downtown. This is an area you’ll want to tour in the afternoon since there are a number of historically and culturally significant, must-see landmarks. Many of these made our list of Ontario’s best tourist destinations. Here’s a breakdown of a handful of the more notable aspects.

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The first option is to scale the CN Tower, which is often considered to be the most iconic structure in the country. The CN Tower, which stands 533.3 meters tall, held the title of world’s highest building for several decades. It is still very tall and provides views that are really stunning of the city and lake below. There are many observation decks, a glass floor, and an activity called the Edge Walk, in which participants walk around the perimeter of the outer ring while suspended above the ground.

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