Most Liveable Cities in Canada


According to its 2022 Global Liveability Index, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has rated 172 cities from across the globe. Calgary (#3), Vancouver (#5), and Toronto (#8) are among Canada’s top ten cities.The EIU, a research branch of The Economist’s sister publication, evaluates a number of major variables when compiling its rankings, including stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure.

Calgary ranked higher than Toronto and Vancouver, the other two Canadian cities that made the list. Calgary received a perfect score of 100 in the infrastructure area, whilst Toronto and Vancouver received scores of 99 and 100, respectively. All three cities got a perfect score of 100 in health care and education, which shows that Canada has good systems in place to run all of these parts of public life.

Downtown Calgary


Over 1.3 million people call Calgary home. It’s Canada’s largest prairie city and an economic hub. Calgary has a diverse economy. Calgary’s energy sector is notable. Over 80% of Canada’s oil and natural gas is produced in Alberta. Calgary’s economy relies heavily on oil.

Calgary attracts newcomers with affordable homes. In July 2022, downtown Calgary one-bedroom apartments cost $1,372 CAD a month. The typical Vancouver apartment costs $2,260. Calgary trailed Vancouver and Toronto only in terms of culture and environment. Despite its vibrant culture and the world-famous Calgary Stampede, Calgary is less diverse than Vancouver and Toronto. The Rocky Mountains, with great camping, hiking, and skiing, are 90 minutes from Calgary.

vancouver fall


For several reasons, Vancouver on the Pacific Coast attracts immigrants to Canada. First, the city’s climate is milder than Canada’s, allowing residents to avoid harsh winters. Mountains, oceans, and beaches surround the city. Vancouver’s varied population includes over 40% of first-generation immigrants. It attracts newcomers.

Vancouver has a robust IT sector, numerous tourism and hospitality jobs, large construction projects, and an excellent film and television industry. Metro Vancouver has 2.5 million people, whereas the city proper has only 630,000. Vancouver struggles with affordable housing. Canada’s housing market has grown unaffordable. In July 2022, downtown Vancouver one-bedroom apartments rented for $2,260. Due to housing and living costs, Vancouver’s EIU infrastructure score was lower than Calgary’s. Many immigrants opt to reside overseas due to Canada’s high rental rates.

toronto shore city view


Immigrants like Toronto. The city has 3 million people and roughly 6 million in the Greater Toronto Area, making it Canada’s most populous. Toronto, Canada’s largest city, is a hub. It’s Canada’s financial centre, home to major law firms and businesses, and has a huge IT sector. Toronto is known for fostering ambitious careers.

Vancouver and Toronto have Canada’s most costly housing and rental markets. Toronto’s rising costs and low vacancy rate make it hard to find an apartment, much less an inexpensive one. In July 2022, a downtown Toronto one-bedroom apartment cost $2,118, less than Vancouver. Toronto’s various enterprises may offset the city’s high cost of living. Residents may enjoy Toronto’s culture and attractions. Toronto, a foodie’s delight, offers elegant and affordable dining.

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