New Subway Extensions in Toronto


The Toronto subway system is one of the significant infrastructure services that maintain the city and also the metropolitan area of Toronto. It provides over 1.5 million rides per day, connecting a large number of citizens throughout the GTA. It is one of the most significant transportation routes in the city of Toronto. The first line to ever be opened in Toronto, known as the Yonge Subway in 1954, right under Yonge Street, going all the way between Union Station and Eglinton Avenue, and having 12 stations. It was the first Canadian subway system to ever be built. Nowadays, the city’s subway system encompasses more than 70 stations, including neighboring cities and more than 76 kilometres of route.

The city already has four completed subway system lines: Yonge-University, Bloor-Danforth, Scarborough, and Sheppard, the last subway line to be completed in 2002. There are currently two lines under construction that are in the process of completion. They are:

Toronto Subway RT Map

The Eglinton Line planned to run from Kennedy Station in the east to Mount Dennis Station in the west. It is supposed to be finished and working by the end of 2022, at a cost of approximately CAD 12 billion. The line will have 25 stations, 15 underground and the others at ground level. The construction began in 2011.

Line 6, Finch West, is scheduled for completion in late 2023. An 18-stop light rail that will travel from Finch West Station on Line 1, Yonge & University until the North Campus of Humber College. Construction started in 2019.

Future extensions and new lines

There are currently expansion projects on 3 of Toronto’s subway lines: Eglinton, Scarborough, and Yonge-University. Its new extension will add 7 to 10 new stops, making it easier for people to get around. The extension will add 9 km from the future Mount Dennis Station to Renforth Drive, and it will be operating mainly underground, reducing travel times and improving access from more areas to jobs, schools, and lots of other places around the Greater Toronto Area. This extension will connect 37,500 extra passengers per day.

The Scarborough line extension will add three new stops to its line, lengthening the line by another 8 kilometres. It will extend from Kennedy Station to Sheppard Avenue and McCowan Road, providing fast and seamless transit for those heading into and out of the downtown core. The extension will also replace Line 3, helping reduce travel times and improve access to schools, jobs, and other important destinations throughout the city. The expansion is expected to bring 105.000 new passengers. It is expected to be finished by the end of 2029 or the beginning of 2030.

inside subway

The Yonge North Subway Extension will bring a transformation to the commute in York Region, North York and more. By extending the TCC’s Line 1 service north from Finch Station to Vaughan, Markham, and Richmond Hill. The plans propose five stations along with an extension of 8 kilometres. After the Ontario Line finished, this extension will make it easier and more rapid for way more people to cross between York and Downtown Toronto, cutting down on traffic congestion and creating a convenient connection with local transit services.

The Ontario Line will be Toronto’s new line. It will create a faster, easier, and more accessible connection between many different neighborhoods and people, making it easier to travel within Toronto and even beyond.


The new line will have an extension of 15.6 kilometres, with 15 subway stations that will run from Exhibition Place through the very centre of Downtown and to the Ontario Science Centre. It will make it easier for people, relieving the crowds on line 1 from the subway and other busy transit lines in the city. The new line will make new connections available with dozens of travel options all along the route, from regional trains to existing subways, to light rail transit lines, and much much more. All of this will contribute to a faster and more connected transit system in Toronto, allowing all passengers to arrive faster, safer, and more satisfied, and connecting more and more parts of the city everyday.

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