Obtaining Home Insurance Quotes


In a matter of minutes, the biggest Canadian insurers, including Intact Insurance, The Co-operators, ScotiaLife Financial, Sonnet Insurance, TD Insurance, RBC Insurance, Allstate, CAA, Aviva Insurance, Square One, Desjardins, and CIBC Insurance, give comprehensive rates.

Given that there are over 100 active house insurance providers in Canada, comparing rates for home insurance may be time-consuming. However, we’ve selected a few of the top online quote providers, many of which need less than 10 minutes. This may enable you to get the lowest price without losing your whole spare time. If you do not want to shop around but still want the lowest price for your desired coverage, an insurance broker may be able to assist you without the headache. You may qualify for further savings if you get your home and vehicle insurance from the same company.

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Intact Insurance

Five pages request house information, address, mortgage information, and contact information. It takes around three minutes to complete and provides a general quotation. If you allow a mild credit check, you might enjoy a discount of up to 25%. You may also reduce your premium by modifying the property information, coverage, and deductible. Car insurance can also be bundled for a discount.

The Co-Operators

The procedure starts with basic inquiries about you and your residence. The next page asks additional technical questions, such as the cost of rebuilding your house, the age of your roof, and the number of insurance claims you’ve filed in the previous five years. This is an estimate of your home’s worth. Additional savings are available for factors such as having an alarm system, fire sprinklers, or a LEED-certified home. The procedure takes around three minutes and provides a quote that varies as you enter property information.


ScotiaLife Financial

The first pages request fundamental property information. It is convenient because after entering your address, some fields are automatically populated. The third page requests basic personal data, such as age and job status. On the fourth page, discounts like an age discount and savings for having several policies with Scotialife are discussed. It takes around four minutes to complete and delivers an estimate for an adjustable insurance policy.

Sonnet Insurance

It begins with basic inquiries about yourself and the property. On the next screen, there are auto-filled details about your home that you must validate. This contains the number of bathrooms, square footage, and estimated year of construction. If you graduated from a Canadian institution or passed a soft credit check, you are eligible for savings. The process takes about four minutes, and you can choose between three levels of coverage: essential, preferred, and ultimate.

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TD Insurance

It begins with inquiries regarding your residence’s address and year of construction. It also allows you to insure other high-value things, such as bicycles, boats, artwork, jewelry, and alcoholic beverages. If you graduated from a university in Canada, you may qualify for a discount. The questions conclude with a request for your personal information and phone number or email address. The procedure takes around five minutes and offers three coverage choices. Applicants may choose between the best pricing, the greatest value, and the most coverage.

RBC Insurance

After inputting your postal code, you are sent to a website with property-related questions. On the next page, you will be asked for additional specific details about your home, such as the age of the roof and the sort of heating you have. You must then answer certain personal information questions, such as your name, date of birth, and email address. If you have auto insurance with RBC, you may save up to 15% with this package. It takes about five minutes and provides a price as well as the ability to change the policy.

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Obtaining Home Insurance Quotes

Given that there are over 100 active home insurance providers in Canada, comparing interest rates may be time-consuming. Here’s the way:

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