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Canada is a sporting powerhouse. Numerous variables, like our four distinct seasons and socioeconomic variety, impact the current state of sport in Canada. Our national summer sport, lacrosse, has been played by Native Americans for more than a century. Dr. James Naismith invented basketball in 1891 in order to train young athletes for the winter season. The most popular sport among Canadian youngsters nowadays is soccer.

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The Canadian government plays a crucial role in this system. As the greatest investor in amateur sports in Canada, It delivers programs and policies via Sport Canada to assist the sport system in meeting Canadians’ needs. Provincial and territorial governments, together with the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, provide monetary resources and manpower to enhance sports participation and quality. Multiple governments, agencies, and organizations constitute our sporting system. The current Canadian Sport Policy asks all governments, institutions, and organizations to make sure that sport has a positive effect on the lives of Canadians, our communities, and our country from 2012 to 2022.

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Sport Canada programs support our national sports system, give financial aid to our best athletes, promote the goals of the Canadian Sport Policy, and help Canadian organizations stage athletic events that allow Canadians to participate on a national and worldwide level. The Athlete Assistance Program (AAP) enhances the performance of Canadian athletes in major international sports contests by allowing them to combine their sport and academic or professional goals with rigorous training to attain world-class achievements. By permitting sports organizations to host the Canada Games and international sports events in Canada, the Hosting Program strives to support the growth of sport excellence and the worldwide reputation of sports organizations. The purpose of the Sport Support Program (SSP) is to develop athletes and coaches at the highest international levels; to offer technically sound sports programming for all athletes; to expand the involvement of all Canadians in sport; and to promote Canadian values and interests overseas.

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The Canadian government is the principal investor in Canada’s amateur sports system via Sport Canada. Sport Canada’s purpose is to provide all Canadians with participation and success possibilities in sport. The Government of Canada is the greatest investor in Canada’s sports system, funding projects that aid our top athletes and encourage participation in sport from playground to podium. The Canadian government provides financial support via three programs: Approximately 1,900 athletes receive $33 million in direct funding yearly from the Athlete Assistance Program in order to achieve world-class performance while pursuing academic and professional aspirations. The Sport Support Program allocates about $178.8 million to Canadian sports organizations for the development of our national sports system, which benefits our players and coaches. The Organizing Program gives about $21.6 million per year to help Canadian municipalities host international sporting events of world-class standards, such as the Canada Games. In addition, athletes get paid for travel expenses related to their participation in the Canada Games.

The goal of the policy is to increase the number and percentage of Canadians who participate in sport via the implementation of five core objectives. Canadians possess the core abilities, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for involvement in both organized and unstructured sports. Canadians engage in sport for recreation, health, social engagement, and stress relief. It is possible for Canadians to enhance and analyze their competitive performance in an ethical and risk-free way. By adhering to ethical procedures, Canadian athletes consistently achieve world-class performances at the highest levels of international competition. Sport as a tool for regional and global social and economic development, as well as moral development

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