The Best Art Galleries in Canada


Visiting or moving to Canada can be wonderful. Canada has so much entertainment to offer that sometimes we don’t even know that some of them are there. For this reason, here is the list of the best art galleries in Canada:


MOCA – Toronto, Ontario

MOCA: The Museum of Contemporary Art of Toronto, Canada, sometimes known simply as MOCA, is widely regarded as one of the finest museums that can be found in the city of Toronto. It places an emphasis on current art and encourages students to pursue education in the arts. The collection of the museum is always changing, but regardless of when you visit, there will be more than 400 pieces, the vast majority of which will be the work of well-known Canadian artists. When in Toronto, it is highly recommended that you pay a visit to this museum.

Art Gallery of Alberta – Edmonton, Alberta

This art gallery is located smack dab in the centre of Edmonton, which is the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta. The building is styled after the brutalist movement, which is perfect for the space and makes it appear amazing. In addition, it is the location of a number of shops and restaurants, as well as a theatre with more than one hundred twenty wheelchair-accessible seats. It is often held that the paintings by Tom Thomson make up the most significant collection in the whole of the museum.

Vancouver Art Gallery

Vancouver Art Gallery – Vancouver, BC

In addition to being the fifth-biggest art gallery in the country, this one also has the distinction of being the largest in Western Canada. More than ten thousand pieces of art, including works by renowned Canadian painters like The Group of Seven, are on display at the gallery. There is a gift store, a library, and rooms available for rent for things like conferences and shows. The neoclassical style of the building and the fact that it used to be a courtroom make it an instantly recognizable symbol of Vancouver.

National Gallery of Canada – Ottawa, Canada

Many consider this gallery to be the best museum in the whole globe. The glass building that houses the gallery gives visitors a clear look into the Canadian Parliament. A large number of well-known paintings by Canadian artists, including Benjamin West’s “The Death of General Wolfe,” are on display permanently. There are many public works of art on the museum grounds, but Louise Bourgeois’s huge spider sculpture Maman is probably the most well-known.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts - Montreal, Canada

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts – Montreal, Quebec

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is still one of the most well-known and respected art museums in all of Canada, despite the fact that it was the target of a notorious art robbery in 1972 that has never been solved. Over 44,000 works are housed in the permanent collection, including many works by European great masters like Peter Paul Rubens and Delacroix. The museum has a reading room and a library, and the library is the oldest art library in Canada.

Art Gallery of Ontario – Toronto, Ontario

In addition to being Canada’s second most visited museum, this gallery is one of the top five most popular in all of North America. This museum receives more yearly visitors than any other museum in the nation. Each year, it draws millions of visitors. Contemporary works by artists from Canada and Europe sit among works from the Renaissance and the modern day. Here you may find Renoir, Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, and so many more. The complex has an extensive permanent art collection, a library, study facilities, an artist-in-residence program, and several dining and entertainment options (such as a restaurant, café, espresso bar, theatre, and lecture hall). As part of its artist-in-residence program, the museum welcomes both local and international artists to work on permanent exhibits. The Art Gallery of Ontario is widely considered to be among the world’s best museums, so any Ontarian with a passion for the visual arts should make it a top priority to visit.

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