The Best Movie Theatres in Canada


The bulk of COVID limitations have been lifted, and as a consequence, moviegoers are returning to theaters in droves. Attendance numbers at movie theaters remained steady for two years, which was disappointing for consumers and a significant financial burden for theater owners. The great majority of us have a preferred movie theater, and most of us are eager to return there. In actuality, whether it’s an old, dingy cinema in a downtown corner or a gleaming, new multiplex in the suburbs, every movie theater is a wonderful place where people gather for communal storytelling and flights of fantasy. Whether the theater is situated in the city or the suburbs, this holds true.

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Since 2010, the renowned theater in the center of the entertainment district has served as the Toronto International Film Festival’s administrative headquarters (TIFF). Visit the gift shop, the vast reference library, and the jaw-dropping exhibitions, including the soon-to-open digiPlaySpace, an interactive electronic playground for curious youngsters and anyone who like playing. Thanks to the Oscar nominations, the festival will include some of the year’s best films as well as some of the most treasured classics from previous years.

This world-famous theater is a highlight of the Toronto International Film Festival, but it also accommodates a wide variety of other festivals, seminars, and film screenings throughout the year when it is not entertaining Hollywood celebrities. The sleek and contemporary structure has two restaurants, a gift store, a film reference library, and five theaters where you can see retrospectives and new independent films. There is also a gift shop and a film reference library. Since opening its doors for the first time in 2010, cinephiles have made it their destination of choice.


Bloor Hot Docs Cinema
Since its founding in 1913, this Annex institution has undergone several name, ownership, and architectural changes, but has never lost its edge. Originally known as Madison Picture Palace, the cinema distinguished itself by offering discounts on previously released films. Since 2012, it has served as the official location for the Hot Docs Film Festival, during which the street is often lined with enthusiastic documentary film aficionados. If you want hard-hitting and truthful biopics, see the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which has kept a monthly spot for almost two decades. Expect the actors of Excited Mental State to perform in front of the 1975 film, as cult fans yell call-back lines and throw props.


The Revue
This Roncesvalles landmark was in contention for the longest-running theater in the country from 1917 until 2006, but closed its doors when it was put up for sale. Community members and film fans quickly worked to revive the Revue, so it was not closed for very long. The Revue Film Society (RFS) was established by volunteers to arrange the sale of the theater to a local couple. The non-profit community group refurbished the building and imbued it with an enduring sense of community with the aid and goodwill of local businesses. Presented by Drunk Feminist Films, “Reel Diversity, Real Community” features (almost) new releases, family films such as Space Jam, and even occasional screenings of films you love to hate.

Humber Cinemas
The independent Humber Cinemas can be found in Bloor West Village, which is located on the other end of the city. This theater has been closed for business on several occasions over the last 17 years in order to undergo renovations, yet it has managed to keep its classic appearance thanks to the fading carpets and balcony seats. Cotton candy helps make up for the absence of major displays and the very loud music at this place. In addition, since the screens and chairs are more compact, you won’t have to quickly move your head to look about in order to see what’s going on around you because your peripheral vision is impaired.

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