Things to do in Blue Mountain


Blue Mountain has long been Southern Ontario’s preferred four-season resort. This little village at the foot of the Blue Mountain ski resort provides a 2.5-hour family-friendly weekend escape from Toronto. In close proximity to one another are ziplining, mountain coaster rides, caverns, mountain biking, eating, shopping, and Georgian Bay. Others, who are familiar with everything that Blue Mountain has to offer, choose a one-week visit. Utilize our list of the best Blue Mountain attractions to organize your visit.

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Stroll and shop in Blue Mountain Village

The pedestrian-only, pedestrian-sized town at the foot of Blue Mountain is an excellent shopping destination. There are boutiques, sports goods shops, home décor stores, and clothing stores for your perusal. You can get the most recent equipment and fashions to look your best when downhill skiing in the winter.The shelves are loaded with fashionable attire throughout the summer, evoking memories of poolside days. In addition to retail enterprises, there are several restaurants in the city. Throughout the summer, a number of restaurants provide pleasant patios, some of which have lake views. At a table, enjoy a refreshing beverage and a snack or meal. When it snows, the terraces disappear, but the restaurants are packed with people enjoying the après-ski atmosphere. A large, free parking lot is conveniently located within walking distance of the hamlet of Blue Mountain. If you are staying in the village center, you may park and leave your vehicle here until you return home.


If trekking up the Niagara Escarpment to the summit of Blue Mountain seems like more effort than you’re willing to put in, get on one of the open-air gondolas and let the lift do the work. These gondolas have no seats; the whole voyage is spent standing. This is acceptable since the open-air design provides you with panoramic views of the resort area and Georgian Bay in the distance. The trip is brief, lasting just six minutes up and down. At the summit of the gondola, stretch your legs and take a stroll along one of the several routes that lead to further vantage points.

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Ziplining and Tackling

Take a ride on the Wind Rider Zip Line if you are seeking a little thrill without anything too extreme. After ensuring your safety, you will descend the slopes of Blue Mountain at speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour and 15 meters in the air. The ziplines span a total distance of 122 meters from tower to tower. It is more enjoyable to zipline as a group. There are three parallel lines on each of the zipline courses. Try to get everyone in your gang to leap off at the same moment and sprint to the next tower. Immediately next to the zipline is the Woodlot Low Ropes course. There are approximately 25 components on three elevated courses, including bridges, cargo nets, and tire swings. The routes vary in height from a few feet above the ground to 30 feet. The Woodlot high ropes course is farther up the slope. This place of interest is made for people who aren’t afraid of heights too much. It has seven routes and seventy-five course parts high in the woods.

The Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster

The Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster is one of Blue Mountain’s most adrenaline-inducing attractions. As you descend the mountain, you may achieve speeds of up to 26 miles per hour (42 kilometers per hour), depending on your sense of adventure. You may use the handbrakes to slow your roller coaster down, or you can just enjoy the ride. A kilometer-long route descends the precipitous slope of Blue Mountain, passing through a lush forest and past spectators. As part of a test of your terror threshold, you will be put through your paces by steep drops, corkscrews, and hairpin corners. Because coaster sleds can accommodate two riders at once, you may ride alone, with a companion, or even with a kid.

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