Top Apps to Use in Toronto


Moving to a Moving to a new city or country isn’t an easy thing, and when you get there, it may be hard to readjust to your new lifestyle until you have really settled in. This is a list full of helpful apps for people, like you, who are moving to Toronto. These apps may assist you in settling in quickly and easily. These will help you even if you have already moved in but are still struggling with the new routines and lifestyle in your new place in the city.


Rocketman App

So now that you are residing in Toronto, you won’t have any concerns as long as you have the Rocketman app on your phone. With the help of the Rocketman app, you can monitor the location and arrival time of the subsequent bus that will be stopping at the stop that you choose. In addition, the program enables you to observe trains and offers you a live countdown regardless of the station you are currently standing in. You may put your whole faith in Rocketman’s accuracy due to the fact that everything in this program happens in real time, and you can utilise its features to effortlessly organise your agenda. If you are a driver, the app also gives you the ability to keep track of the traffic that is happening in any location in the city. You will be informed of the reason for the delay as well as the effect that it is going to have on the flow of traffic.

Green P Parking App

If you are going to be driving, the Green P app is an absolute must for you to have on your phone. This program makes it very simple to locate parking in off-street lots , and it lists all of the lots that fit that description. After entering information about your car, all you have to do is use the app to locate the parking lot in which your car is, pay, and confirm. Simple, practical, and devoid of unnecessary complexities.

Ritual App

In the city of Toronto, one of the most reliable apps for food delivery and takeout orders is Ritual. The app has listings for the vast majority of the city’s dining establishments. There is a list available that outlines, in minute detail, all of the many cuisines, food diversity, and pricing ranges that are available. This app can help you find everything from Argentinian steakhouses to vegan meals and everything in between; it may be the best option for a wide range of people.

Transit App

The Transit App is a worldwide app that provides you with travel schedules for bus and train travel, as well as information on traffic on the streets. It is an alternative app that provides you with information on public transportation and traffic. In addition to that, the app is very popular in the city of Toronto. You can check live when the next arrival of your bus will be, and you can also rent bikes to use for getting around the city.


AllTrails App

If you like spending time in the fresh air and natural surroundings, this app is an excellent choice for you to consider. The AllTrails App provides you with information on all of the areas in your location that are suited for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and skiing. The app also includes a database of nice and safe areas where you and your dog are welcome to go in order to enjoy some quality time together.

Presto App

PRESTO is a reloadable payment card that is accepted by the Toronto Transport Commission (TTC), the Greater Toronto Area Transit Authority (GO Transit), and the Union Pearson Express (UP Express), in addition to eight other transit agencies in the province of Ontario. By purchasing a PRESTO card, you can take advantage of the cheapest tickets, protection for your balance, autoload, and transfers that take a maximum of 2 hours. The PRESTO app gives you the ability to manage up to 10 different cards, check your balance, and add cash to your card, among other features.

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