Top Hiking Spots in Toronto


In reality, Toronto is adjacent to excellent hiking trails suited for beginners and experts. However, Toronto has so much more to offer than concrete buildings. There are local walks with stunning views, such as the Scarborough Bluffs and bucket-list hikes. Regardless of the kind of hike you’re looking for, you may find a beautiful path near Toronto. This guide will help you choose among the best hikes in the Toronto region. With detailed descriptions of the best trails, you can choose a hiking point that is right for your level of fitness.

Scarborough Bluffs

Scarborough Bluffs

The Scarborough Bluffs are the ideal location for hiking in Toronto. They located close to downtown Toronto, are easily accessible by automobile or public transit, and are great for solo hikers. When you get to the Bluffs parking area, you may take a right onto the Bluffers Hiking Trail for the greatest view of the white sandstone cliffs. This easy trail is really level, but it might be difficult to avoid other pedestrians around noon. From the parking area, take a left turn to reach Bluffer’s Beach. Follow the Cathedral Cliffs route behind the beach to stroll along the base of the towering sandstone cliffs. The walls of leaves and trees make you feel as if you are in a forest instead of being 20 minutes from the CN Tower.

From the parking area, you must hike up the road to get views of the bluffs. There is no footpath on this steep climb, so watch out for incoming cars. You cannot ascend the mud pathways you see down the edge of the cliffs. Instead, wait until you reach the schoolyard, where a legal dirt path will allow you to stroll along the top of the Scarborough Bluffs in safety.

High Park Toronto

High Park Area Trails

High Park is Toronto’s largest park. It has two lakes, a little zoo with native animals (including capybaras), a small café, multiple tennis courts, a pool, and 5.1 kilometers of spectacular hiking paths. High Park in Etobicoke, a prominent Toronto neighborhood, has some of the significant hiking routes in the city. Families may choose to stroll along High Park’s paved sidewalk pathways, which provide a lower risk of dirty shoes. The off-leash dog pathways available at different spots around the High Park trails will delight dog owners. These places surrounded by a fence and properly indicated signage to ensure that you are in the correct location. The best trails in High Park are the outside roads that run through the surrounding woodlands. To reach them, turn left upon entering the park’s main entrance and follow the dirt route directly alongside the gate. It will bring you to the park’s extensive network of paths. You may choose easier terrain by sticking to the routes along the sidewalks. Nevertheless, some trails have a steep climb as they twist towards the side roads.


Humber River Recreation Trail

The most convenient entry to the Humber River Recreation Trail is located behind the Old Mill, where there is a charged public parking lot. This pathway features separate lanes for bicycles and walkers. The pedestrian walkway is composed of a combination of compacted soil and gravel and runs parallel to the paved cycling path. You may visit this route in the fall to see big Canadian salmon leaping upstream to reach their breeding grounds. Each year, beginning in September, salmon swim up the Humber River to leap over waterfalls. In the summer, a variety of tiny Canadian animals and birds may seen playing near the river. There are dogs attempting to chase ducks on the coast and Canadian geese keeping humans at bay among these wild creatures. This track is accessible all year because of its flat topography. In addition, this is regarded as one of the greatest winter treks around Toronto since you may observe frozen waterfalls floating in the air.

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Glen Stewart Ravine

In the Beaches district lies one of the unknown hiking paths in Toronto. This area east of downtown Toronto is a summer paradise that will make you feel like you’ve traveled abroad without leaving the city. The Glen Stewart Ravine Trail is a short distance from the Beaches’ main roadway. Grab a snack from Tori’s Bakeshop or a freshly-pressed juice to enjoy on this trek, or stop by on your way home for a sweet treat. This walk may appear to be short at first glance, but you will quickly find yourself spending hours exploring this suburban forest. The pathway consists of a boardwalk that floats over the actual ravine. Stay on the trail that extends from one end of the ravine to the other to avoid getting your shoes wet. The stairways are the centerpiece of this path and the reason it makes our list of the top hikes around Toronto. These colossal metal stairs enable you to go to the height of the trees, where you can enjoy vigorous exercise and a view over the smaller maples and pines.

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