Top Private Schools in British Columbia


Any consideration that a family gives to a school’s rating on a list must to be balanced by consideration of issues that are far more important. The following rankings of schools in British Columbia are offered with some reluctance. The importance of these lists shouldn’t be overestimated, especially by the parents.

St. George's School Logo

St. George’s School
Boys’ Respect Individually St. George’s School is a university preparation day and boarding school for boys in Grades 1 through 12. St. George’s School won several academic, artistic, and athletic contests. 120 boarders from 18 nations are among the 1160 students. The School is among Canada’s best. St. George’s School educates only boys. Its method is based on studies on men’s learning patterns. Competitive admissions. Admission requires extracurricular success. The university invests on financial aid to ensure applicant diversity. St. George’s School provides a choice of advanced-level courses and extracurricular activities to each boy. Fine and performing arts are well-represented with nationally-recognized music groups, four major theatrical plays, and a thriving visual arts school. Kids have access to over 50 groups and a full-year outdoor education program for 10th graders. The School has invested extensively in a program to ensure students give back to the community. Graduates get into elite Canadian, British, and American institutions with help from counseling services.

The York School

York House School
York House School in Vancouver is a private, all-girls institution offering Junior Kindergarten (4-year-olds) through Grade 12. York House is located in Vancouver’s exclusive Shaughnessy neighborhood. Instead of a Latin motto, “Not For Ourselves Alone” was the school’s English motto when it opened in 1932 as a Canadian school for girls. The school’s community service program is built on the school’s motto. Although it is mainly an academic institution, York House also offers courses in Drama, Textiles (Sewing), and Computer Programming, among others. It offers AP courses to eleventh and twelfth pupils and Honors math and French to eighth and ninth graders. York House has been named as the finest secondary school in British Columbia for the last five years by the Fraser Institute Report Card on Secondary Schools in British Columbia. Prior to that, York House achieved both the highest and highest positions. York House also provides extracurricular activities. Students at York House are well-rounded due to their participation in several clubs, sports teams, and creative activities. York House has highly rated sporting teams in the province and an award-winning arts department. York House is a very exceptional and unique all-girls day school.

School Canada

King David High School
In the Oakridge district of Vancouver, King David High School (KDHS) is a Jewish, community, pluralistic, coeducational high school. In September 1987, the school opened under the name Maimonides Secondary School with nine eighth-graders. King David High School built a new facility in 2005. The high school is located at the junction of Willow Street and 41st Avenue, next to the Vancouver Jewish Community Center. The KDHS is the largest Jewish high school west of Winnipeg. King David High School is known for its dynamic, integrated dual curriculum of general and Judaic subjects. KDHS has produced leaders and visionaries who today play vital roles in the support of both local and international communities throughout its existence. KDHS is committed to academic achievement by providing a challenging integrated dual curriculum and extracurricular activities that encourage lifelong learning and allow each student to reach his or her greatest potential. Creating a lifetime respect for Torah, the Jewish people, the community, and Israel in order to instill Jewish values Developing great leaders by training and motivating individuals to be selfless contributions to both the Jewish community and their broader communities.

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