Top Private Schools in Vancouver


Vancouver recognized as one of the world’s most livable cities thanks to its beautiful oceanside parks, unrivalled local mountains, and temperate climate throughout the year. It also has all of the top-ranked private schools in British Columbia, so there is no dearth of excellent educational opportunities. If you are seeking to relocate to Vancouver with children or adolescents, you’ll want to purchase a home near an excellent school. If you choose a location nearby, your children will not have to walk or take the bus far to school. In addition, if you buy a property in an area with exceptional schools, your teenager will have a greater chance of being accepted to prestigious colleges such as UBC. Thankfully, Vancouver is home to some outstanding private schools.

Bodwell High School

Bodwell High School
Bodwell High School established in 1991 in Vancouver. It is a non-denominational, co-ed, day and residential school providing eighth through twelfth grades and university preparation. It aims to provide students with an educational experience that pushes them to realize their best potential while staying attentive to their specific requirements. The school relocated to its current location on Harbourside Drive in North Vancouver in September 2003, overlooking the picturesque Burrard Inlet and Vancouver Harbour. Bodwell High School seeks to offer students high-quality programs that encourage good experiences. Teachers at Bodwell provide intellectual stimulation and mentoring to encourage students’ quest for knowledge and originality. Counsellors at Bodwell give counselling and are compassionate listeners; they know Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Arabic, among other languages. Additionally, they serve as a vital communication channel between parents and children. Students who complete a grade 12 graduation program will get a Dogwood Credential, a Ministry of Education-issued high school diploma. The student body of Bodwell High School comprised of local and international students from over 30 nations. Credits earned at Bodwell are transferable to the student’s home country for evaluation of equivalency. After graduating from Bodwell, the majority of students attend college or university in Canada or internationally renowned schools, with many receiving scholarships. The slogan of the school is “Strength in Diversity.” The House System actively promotes these values by naming houses after people like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Pierre Trudeau, who is known as the father of multiculturalism in Canada.

Meadowridge School

Meadowridge School
Meadowridge School is a Continuum World School that provides the PYP, MYP, and DP to junior kindergarten through grade 12 pupils. This learning continuum encourages whole-child growth in a secure, nurturing, and stimulating setting. Students learn to handle challenging and complicated circumstances via inquiry-based learning. Meadowridge School situated in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, 45 minutes east of Vancouver, on 26 acres featuring gardens, greenhouses, an adventure forest, and a stream. Our 103,000-square-foot building contains cutting-edge research facilities, a theatre, and an international-sized soccer field. Children’s thinking should include creativity, emotion, community, and the symbolic spectrum. Meadowridge provides complete art, sports, and experiential education with over 40 teams and organizations, a library with approximately 50,000 materials, and specialist professors for languages, music, visual arts, design and technology. Meadowridge’s IB program certification and membership in the Council of World Schools (CIS) help us provide students with a high-quality education and the skills to become global citizens. Only two Canadian schools are IB Continuum and CIS-accredited. Meadowridge’s curriculum, activities, and facilities provide students with the confidence to affect the future. Visit to learn more about Meadowridge, or attend a student-led tour. Meadowridge holds an open house every Friday from 9 to 11 a.m. Allow our student ambassadors to describe Meadowridge.


Mulgrave School
Established in 1993, the school relocated to its current location at the base of Cypress Mountain in 1998. One of the very few schools in Vancouver that focuses only on imparting knowledge of the International Baccalaureate curriculum across the whole of the institution. It is one of only two schools in all of Canada to have achieved accreditation from the Council of International Schools (CIS).

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