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The province of Quebec is breathtaking! With centuries of history, breathtaking scenery, and picturesque beaches, it is one of the most attractive destinations to visit in Canada. To assist you in visiting as many of the nicest spots in Quebec as possible, I’d like to recommend some of our absolute favorite stops. Ultimately, Quebec is a Canadian jewel that you must take advantage of. Obviously, the province is renowned for its vibrant cities, like Montreal and Quebec City. Still, there is so much more to do on a trip to Quebec than just visit the cities. You can also visit some amazing natural sites.

Gatineau - QC - Museum of Civilisation

The Canadian Museum of History
The Canadian Museum of History dates back to 1856, making it one of the nation’s oldest museums. It is also the most visited in Canada, with 1.2 million tourists each year. So why do so many individuals visit? The four million objects at the Gatineau Museum chronicle the history of Canada and the globe, beginning 20,000 years ago. Discover the history, culture, and beliefs of the Pacific First Nations of Canada in the Grand Hall, which overlooks the Ottawa River and Parliament Hill. Observe magnificent totem poles and native dwellings before entering the First Peoples’ Hall to learn more about Canada’s Aboriginal heritage. Visit the CINE+ 3D cinema for a film and see any traveling exhibitions that are on show.

Old Montreal

Old Montreal
Old Montreal is suitably titled in one sense: it is the city’s oldest neighborhood and encompasses the location of Montreal’s 1642 founding. Its cobblestone lanes are reminiscent of Europe, and both tourists and residents explore its labyrinthine alleys on foot and by bicycle. Nonetheless, the Old Montreal crowds conjure images of youth and enthusiasm. Numerous neighborhood fashion businesses and eateries are constantly bustling with activity. People flock to the region during the day to stroll, cycle, and boat along the Old Port’s picturesque waterfront, and at night to drink and eat at the area’s several contemporary restaurants. Not only does this occur throughout the summer, Igloofest is an outdoor electronic music event that attracts tens of thousands of snowsuit-clad individuals to the harbor in January. OId Montreal is an extraordinary blend of the old and the modern that you should not miss.

Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal National

Mount Royal
Mount Royal is, you guessed it, a mountain situated in the middle of Downtown Montreal, the majority of which is contained inside a vast park with the same name. Mount Royal Park was developed by the same man who created New York’s Central Park, Frederick Law Olmstead, and the two sites serve similar functions as urban outdoor spaces where people congregate, socialize, play sports, and more. Climb to the summit, view the enormous cross, and gaze out over the whole city of Montreal. Or, visit Mount Royal on Sunday for one of its most popular attractions: tam-tams. Tam-tams are weekly (weather permitting) gatherings of drummers, dancers, sellers, and anybody else. There is a large outdoor party and you are invited.

Montmorency Falls, Quebec City, Canada

Montmorency Falls Park
People are sometimes shocked to learn that a waterfall 1.5 times taller than Niagara Falls is located only minutes away from Quebec City. The 83-meter-tall Montmorency Falls are a sight to see, both from inside the city and up close at Montmorency Falls Park (Parc de la Chute-Montmorency in French). Hang around at the base and feel the mist on your face, or take the gondola to the summit for a breathtaking panorama. More daring tourists may opt to trek one of the three Via Ferrata routes, pausing at Instagram-worthy vistas along the way, or zip line over the falls. Upon reaching the summit, you may have a delicious dinner or a few celebratory cocktails at the beautiful Manoir Montmorency.

Hôtel de Glace

Hôtel de Glace
The only ice hotel in North America may be reached on foot from Quebec City. The fable-like Hôtel de Glace has welcomed guests for fifteen years, introducing unique new features and themes each year. A room with ice walls, ice ceilings, and an ice bed. You will need many layers of clothes to keep warm, but if you can take the cold, there is no comparable experience. During the months of January and March, this artwork may be visited or slept in.

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