What to do in Calgary


Canada is several things. It is the harsh wilderness of British Columbia; the endless wheat fields of Saskatchewan; the rich traditions of the Arctic north; the eccentric settlements of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland; and, of course, a diverse collection of cosmopolitan city centers, each with its own sense of identity. Calgary, situated in Alberta, is one of Canada’s most modest cities, sometimes eclipsed by Vancouver on the west coast and Toronto on the east coast. However, Calgary is one of those distinctly Canadian cities that offers unique experiences to its tourists.

Calgary Tower

The Calgary Tower

Calgary, like every other big Canadian city, offers an incredible way to obtain a bird’s-eye perspective of the activity. The Calgary Tower, which is about 1,228 meters above sea level, provides a 360-degree perspective of the city, which is one of the greatest ways to orient oneself in any city. The 62-second ascent from the base brings you to the first observation deck, where you and 249 of your closest friends may take in panoramic, unobstructed views. And after you’ve thoroughly lost your breath, proceed to the second observation deck for a drink, some nibbles, and the greatest view in town.

Calgary Stampede

Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump

Those staying longer in Calgary, especially those interested in history and archaeology, may want to take advantage of some of the excellent day trips within a short drive. Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump is a world-renowned archaeological site because to its extraordinary preservation of the civilization of the Plains People. The Plains People, the original occupants of Calgary and its environs, were excellent hunters who followed these gigantic animals over cliffs and finally erected very complex slaughterhouses. It has been designated a Unesco World Heritage Site due to its significance to Canada’s archaeological history.

Heritage Park Historical Village

This living museum, which has won several accolades, is one of the most visited places in Western Canada and has the title of being the largest of its kind in all of Canada. The Heritage Park Historical Village spans over 127 acres of pristine land and is home to more than 200 exhibits that are kid-friendly as well as a visual and auditory treat for visitors of all ages. The past is brought out from behind glass and into the open at living museums so that visitors may experience it firsthand for themselves. A First Nations Encampment from the 1880s and a look into the lives of settlers before the arrival of the railroad are both on exhibit.

The Calgary Stampede

The majority of folks have a southern mentality when they think about rodeos. Maybe the rolling hills of Montana or Wyoming, or even better, the state of Texas, which is known as the ten-gallon hat capital of the world. On the other hand, Calgary is the location of the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth,” which takes place every year. This show, which dates back a century, is juxtaposed with the modernity of the 21st century to create one of the most intriguing displays of the history of the Wild West. There are chuck wagon races, cattle auctions, midway rides and games, an incredible selection of southern-inspired and non-southern cuisine, and, of course, a large number of cowboys. It is strongly suggested that you plan your vacation around the time when the Calgary Stampede is taking place in July, since this is the month that it takes place every year.

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