What to do in Ottawa


Explore renowned institutions, such as the National Gallery, the Canadian Museum of Nature, and the Ottawa Art Gallery, and take in breathtaking vistas of the Ottawa River, Parliament Hill, the Rideau Canal, and the Rideau Canal. Children will enjoy Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, the Wild Bird Care Centre, the Royal Canadian Mint, and the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum in Ottawa, Canada. We suggest calling the attractions and eateries in advance to check their current operating hours.

Ottawa River

Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal is a significant piece of Canadian history that stretches for miles and passes through the heart of Ottawa. Through the use of the canal, the city is connected to both the Ottawa River and Lake Ontario. The canal was first built in 1832 as a part of a military defence system, but it is today used as a recreational destination throughout the whole year. During the summer months, the routes of the canal are used by a variety of users, including walkers, bicycles, riders, boats, and paddleboards. The river freezes over during the colder months of the year, transforming into an enormous public ice skating rink that weaves its way through the city.

Inside the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica, Ottawa

Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica

The neighbourhood of Lower Town in Ottawa, which contains the Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica, is a National Historic Site. The initial construction on the site was constructed in 1832, but it was dismantled and replaced with the current structure 10 years later. Due to the church’s prominence as the biggest and oldest structure in Ottawa, its Neo-Classical architecture is beautiful and intricate. May through October, the church is available for guided visits by the general public. In addition to providing up-to-date information on the parish, the tours provide context and instruction. In addition, they give context and education about the church’s architecture and history.

Centre Block - Parliament Hill

Peace Tower

The tower, which dominates the Ottawa skyline and is formally called as the Tower of Victory and Peace but is often known as Peace Tower, is over 100 meters tall and serves as a prominent city landmark. The Peace Tower is a national symbol located in the centre of Parliament Hill in Ottawa. It has a centre bell and clock and serves as a national monument; it is shown on the twenty-dollar note of Canada. The Victoria Tower was destroyed by fire in 1916, and the Peace Tower was subsequently constructed to serve as a replacement. It was created in the Victorian Gothic style to provide continuity with the other buildings that comprise the Parliamentary complex. The tower is often seen as a tribute to the Canadian troops who perished during the First World War. Crucial amounts of symbolism, design elements, and architectural details represent significant events in Canadian history.

Canadian Museum of Nature

Canadian Museum of Nature

Natural history is shown in the Canadian Museum of Nature, which may be found in Ottawa. The museum teaches visitors and provides them with new perspectives on a variety of topics by means of hands-on activities as well as interpretive, educational tours. The website’s calendar includes information about rotating, travelling, and rotating exhibitions that are currently on display. Both the Talisman Energy Fossil Gallery and the Vale Earth Gallery feature permanent displays that include dinosaur specimens and demonstrations. The Talisman Energy Fossil Gallery focuses on dinosaurs, while the Vale Earth Gallery focuses on geological processes, the rocks and minerals that form the world, and the changes they have endured. In addition, there is a mammal gallery that displays stuffed mounts of many well-known and renowned Canadian creatures, such as moose, grizzly bears, caribou, and cougars. A variety of different elements may be found here, such as aquatic life, live bug species, and aviary animals. Each gallery is packed with a variety of interactive activities, in addition to exhibits and exhibitions.

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