What to do with your Spare Room?


Have you ever contemplated adding a home office, an additional bedroom, a walk-in closet, or a media room? Use one of these flex room design ideas to create the area you’ve always wanted if you have an additional room.

Whether referred to as a flex room, a bonus room, an additional room, or a spare room, a multi-purpose room is a space in a house that may serve several functions. Flex rooms may range from empty space above a garage to a tiny room on the first floor of a house labeled by the builder as “flex space” or “optional room.” These rooms may boost the value of your home and provide you with the flexibility to adapt it to your evolving requirements, such as a growing family or new hobbies.

Spare room

The possibilities are unlimited! Before deciding on the use of your flex room, you must evaluate the available area. There exists a bathroom nearby. Is it in the basement or the attic? Would it aid travelers? Would the surrounding conditions be conducive to productivity? With a little creativity and furniture that takes up less space, this living room can be turned into a warm and inviting space.

With a few functional objects, you may create a space that, depending on your requirements, can serve as a playground, guest room, or workplace. Utilize storage-concealed furniture or storage bins to hide office materials and children’s toys during social events. Place a large storage ottoman at the foot of the bed to hold additional guest towels, sheets, blankets, and pillows. Place your youngster in a flex-room nursery that is visually pleasing. Regardless of the size of the space, flex rooms are perfect for nurseries since they can be swiftly transformed into toddler rooms. With a crib, rocking chair, and change table, you may maximize your family’s living space.

home office

Having trouble organizing the children’s toys? Children with separate space inside an adaptable playroom! All ages of children will love playing in an atmosphere developed just for them. Add tiny tables, painting easels, and huge couches or beanbag chairs to the space. Toys, books, and games may be easily stored using bookcases and cabinets. Alternately, store them using baskets and containers under tables. To work from home, convert your flex area into a home office or study. With movable bookshelves and furniture, the space can be transformed as required into a guest bedroom or a playground. Even French doors may be erected at the entrance to maintain the room’s privacy and tranquility. Why settle for one when two is an option? By adapting a secondary space into a second living room, you may have both a formal living room for entertaining guests and an informal living room for family gatherings.

child game room

The versatile room is perfect for a bar! Install an island with bar stools, provide plenty of storage space for alcoholic beverages and glasses, and add a television for viewing the big game. You will have an area in your home that is appropriate for cocktail parties and other casual events. Not just expanding families want more sleeping space. It is straightforward to convert the extra space into a bedroom for a third roommate or a large family. A futon or daybed that turns quickly into a guest bed is a fantastic alternative to traditional seating for conserving space. By building a separate gaming room, it is possible to keep video and arcade games away from the living space. A flexible game room is ideal for gaming PCs, consoles, and retro arcade games. Include comfortable loveseats, floor cushions, and bean bag chairs for long gaming sessions.

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