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Canadian house sales fell from July to August

Multiple Listing Service (MLS®) Systems in Canada predicted a 1% drop in home sales between July and August of 2022.

New Developments by Menkes

Best Bakeries in Toronto

Few basic life joys are as reliable as freshly made bread. Over the last decade, a sourdough boom has swept across Toronto,……

According to a survey 27% of homeowners have a HELOC with half paying down principal

A recent survey suggests that rising mortgage rates are hurting some Canadian homeowners’ balance sheets. 27% of homeowners utilized a HELOC.

Best grocery stores in Toronto

The top grocery shops in Toronto make shopping an enjoyable excursion. You may also be introduced to unique items and culinary experiences.

What to do in Fall in Toronto

Before the weather becomes too cold, there is a wide variety of things to do in Toronto, which gets even more beautiful in fall.

Top Tourist Attractions in Prince Edward Island

The pastoral appeal of lush meadows intermingled with sandy beaches and cliffs dotted with lighthouses is impossible for travelers to resist.

Reasons to study in Canada

If you are looking for an international location to further your education and launch your career, Canada might be one of the best options.

August 2022 Rent Report by

In July 2022, the average rent for all Canadian homes on was $1,934, an increase of 10.4% yearly and 2.4% monthly. Full report:

Now Selling Condos in Ontario July 2022

Several different developers have been constructing and selling new condo complexes around Ontario, here is a new list of them.

History of Ferries in Canada

At present, each Canadian province and territory operates at least one ferry service, for a total of around 180 lines. There are ferry connections between all Canadian provinces.

New Developments by Camrost Felcorp

As a well-known developer, Camrost Felcorp has been developing new complexes and condos across Canada for many years.

New Developments by Aspen Ridge Homes

Aspen Ridge Homes has been developing several new townhouses, single family homes and condo complexes across Canada.

Top Tourist Attractions in New Brunswick

Whales are the most prominent attraction in New Brunswick, but history, culture, and outdoor recreation are all integral to an authentic east coast experience.

Bank of Canada Increased Real Estate Sales by 250.000

The Canadian housing bubble expanded from a regional problem in rich neighbourhoods to a national disaster. During the previous two years……

National Parks in Canada

The gorgeous country of Canada, which is located in North America and is encircled by the Rocky Mountains and lush woodlands, is the location of some of the most spectacular scenery that you may have never seen before.

Airports of Ontario

Because of the large number of individuals who are moving to Toronto from different parts of the world, the city’s culture is becoming very diverse. This sophisticated city is an excellent location for vacations since it contains everything that a traveler may want during their time away from home.

Heritage Rivers of Canada

The rivers of Canada are known for their ecological, cultural, and recreational significance. These rivers contribute to our national identity and are an important element of Canada’s historical heritage.

Underwater Archeology in Canada

Underwater archaeology is the study of ancient sites discovered under the surface of seas, rivers, lakes, and the shoreline. In addition to shipwrecks, underwater archaeologists research…….

Tentative List of Canada

The Canadian government has revised its Tentative List for World Heritage Sites, an inventory of natural and cultural heritage resources having a high likelihood of being inscribed on the World Heritage List. Only properties on a country’s Tentative List may be proposed for inscription in the World Heritage List.

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