Tricar Group

Tricar Group has over 30-year experience in developing and managing high-rise apartment rentals and condominiums. They have created luxury that’s effortlessly liveable in prime locations for their builds, bordered by in-demand amenities. The Group was honoured to be a three-time award winner of the Ontario High-Rise Builder of the Year as recognized by the Tarion Warranty Corporation’s Awards of Excellence.

Their mission is to be an industry leading developer of premier high-rise communities with an enduring commitment to quality and customer experience. From building and designing to selling and managing, each stage of the process is our priority and responsibility.

Recent projects

Gordon Square Condos
Situated in the heart of all of Guelph’s desirable destinations with access to a diverse mix of retail, shopping and recreation. Gordon Square will become a thoughtful, pedestrian-friendly development that promotes a balanced and healthier style of living.

NorthLink 2 Condos
Ten-storey building with 162 suites, located in the heart of Sunningdale in London with a selection of suites offering stunning views of the Medway Valley.

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