Turner Fleischer Architects

Turner Fleischer Architects has 46 years experience. Turner Fleischer embraces change. They leverage their collective talents to implement the technological advancements of our industry into practice. They are specialize in Shadow Generator, 3D Printing, Computational Design, Revit Template, Software Evaluation, Laser Scanning, Clash Detection and so on.

They believe in open, honest and continuous learners, as well as their staff. They celebrate high performance. We evolve and give back to our community together.

Recent projects

840 Dupont

A fusion of context and opportunity is fundamental to the vision for 840 Dupont. The project builds on the unique realization that Dupont Street is an emblematic microcosm of Toronto’s heritage, growth and current coming-of-age. Directly framed by a historic rail corridor, brick industrial buildings and cherished low-rise homes, a distinct and eclectic style driven by the synthesis of these elements emerges.


One of the world’s most renowned luxury hospitality brands, Nobu selected the Entertainment District of downtown Toronto for its Canadian debut. A collaborative endeavour, Turner Fleischer worked with design architects, Teeple, to create a distinctive environment for the residents and guests of this unique highrise development.

Tasked with executing a standout project that represents the ultimate in hotel and residential luxury, Nobu is characterized by pair of contemporary 49-storey towers rising from a mixed-use podium. The architectural expression of the streetscape is defined by existing heritage façades.

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