What the Tik Tok Hires Mean for the Toronto Condo Market

        In the past year, Tik Tok has exploded in its popularity becoming the zenith of social media for mainly the younger generation. Despite the issues with its ownership, there’s no doubt that this platform is here to stay. Their Liberty Village office was opened late last year and initially began with around 50 employees. In these last 2 weeks, they’ve posted 15 job openings for their Toronto based office. These jobs range from multiple types of management positions, strategic partnerships, and human resource positions. It is also expected that over these next couple of years, TikTok plans on hiring over 3,000 engineers spread around Canada, Singapore, and Europe. If their growth continues at this current rate, more hires will be inevitable. Additionally, news broke of social media titan Twitter building its engineering hub in their Toronto office adding at least 2 dozen members to their team.  To further match this, the Shopify and Pinterest offices are also taking this opportunity to bulk up their staffing numbers with multiple hires to the engineer departments and many other specialty positions found through their LinkedIn and career pages.                                                                                  

         With these behemoths of employers offering very desirable positions in their company, Toronto is only becoming a more and more worthwhile location to live. As one of Canada’s hotspots for restaurants and entertainment, it’s no surprise that Toronto is one of Canada’s hottest real estate markets. Living downtown becomes more and more attractive over time with the vast employment opportunities. Over the coming years, many will search for the hottest condo properties to take advantage of this continually growing city. With dozens of Condo projects currently in development in Toronto, the future of the six only seems to become brighter.

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