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Windsong North

A single family home at Markham

Laurier Homes‘ very own Windsong North is a new single-family home development on Chokecherry Crescent in Markham. In 2012, the project was completed. Laurier Homes has been developing homes in the Greater Toronto Area since 1976. This developer consistently outperforms their clients’ expectations. They accomplish this by first studying potential consumers’ demands. Then they combine today’s contemporary features with design and lifestyle themes. Laurier’s continuous quality assurance is built into every home before the Laurier brand is applied to it.

Parks, schools, shopping, walking trails, ponds, and much more surround this established Markham area. These detached residences are designed with a new urbanism concept in mind, emphasizing modern living. Residents are instilled with a strong sense of belonging and pride in their homes.



Windsong North is located on Chokecherry Crescent in Markham. The city’s historic neighborhoods are quite lovely and well worth exploring. It is undoubtedly the best region to visit, with a history spanning over 200 years. It’s a delightful neighborhood with lovely homes, fantastic restaurants, and fabulous boutiques. Another wonderful community to stroll through, particularly along Main Street. Historic residences have been turned into small shops and eateries along this route.

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Finally, it is home to a number of cultural attractions, recreational facilities, parks like Wismer Park, Berczy Park, Laurie Park, and other historical sites.

Shopping and Dining

In Markham, there are a profusion of fantastic locations to spend your money and a variety of items to buy. Here, no shopper will be bored. The Village Market, a Chinese market with over 170-family-run enterprises, is one of the most interesting places to shop. This is where you should go if you want something made in China. Pacific Mall is a Chinese shopping mall that was inspired by Hong Kong’s Pacific Place. CF Markville is the place to go if you’re seeking for multinational chains. There’s also Longo’s, Home depot and Walmart around the area.

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The sharing of leisure time strengthens family connections. Families who engage in recreational activities together tend to be closer, more cohesive, and have a better probability of remaining together.

This neighborhood offers a variety of enjoyable activities. Residents can play golf at York Downs Golf & Country Club, take a hike in Rouge Park, visit historic neighborhoods, go for a bike ride, or simply relax at the Wismer Park, Berczy Park, or Laurie Park.

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Another reason this area is so attractive, especially to families and students, is many schools in the area. Windsong North is located at nearby many public schools and private schools. Some of the schools nearby are Randall Public School, Markham Gateway Public School, Markham District high School, Parkland Public School, Castlemore Public School and Town Centre Private Schools.

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The development has a good transportation system nearby. Public transportation in the area is provided by three companies: GO Transit, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), and York Region Transit (YRT). The TTC and the YRT provide local bus services. Milliken GO Station also serves as a hub for GO Transit commuter train and bus services.

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Laurier Homes‘ Windsong North is a new single-family home development on Chokecherry Crescent in Markham. The construction was finished in 2012.

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Laurier Home’s rich history and long-standing traditions are built into the very fabric of this exclusive community. The modern urbanization idea, surrounding nature areas, and a range of services and activities, including the 34-acre Wismer Community Park, are valued by residents.

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Laurier Homes has been building homes across GTA since 1976. This developer continuously exceeds the expectations of their clients. They do this by first researching the needs of potential customers. Then, they integrate today’s modern features with elements of design and lifestyle. And then, they incorporate unique architectural details and harmonious streetscapes into each community. Laurier’s continued quality assurance goes into every home they build before the Laurier name goes on it.

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Windsong North

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