Brampton Recieving a Medical Makeover with Ryerson University

     One of Toronto’s most well-known educational institutions, Ryerson University has announced a new medical school that will be located in the city of Brampton. The Government of Ontario released their 2021 budget this past Wednesday and, in that document, announced financial backing for their new medical school. This new medical school will have a large focus on creating innovation for health care for the next generation. The proposal is to include curriculum for undergraduate and post graduate studies for this institution. This follows the news when Ryerson moved their Internationally Trained Medical Doctors Bridging Program was moved to Brampton just last month. Additionally, it was announced at the same thing that there would be a new hospital located in Brampton, making it the 2nd one that the city holds. Further details are not currently known including funding amount, release date or structure. It has been stated that it will be an important part of the city as per Brampton City Officials.

     The province’s investment into Brampton is great news for any homeowners in the city. Provincial investment and commitment of working on infrastructure changes always increases the attractiveness of the location. Having an extra hospital and a brand, new, innovative medical school will entice many to look at Brampton as a new potential home. This becomes a great location to raise a family with a potential post-secondary education option and that your well-being is well taken care of with a nearby hospital. There are currently dozens of development projects set in Brampton from condos to single family homes. This may be a great time to enter the market in Brampton with an expected increase on all values of properties within Brampton thanks to the provincial funding. Brampton looks to have a bright future with many quality of life changes over these next coming years.

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Photo by Jimmy Kwan
Photo by Ryerson University

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