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30 Francis Street South Condos

A high-rise condo at Kitchener

30 Francis Street South, Kitchener, ON

IN8 Developments‘ principles of delivering innovative designs, intelligent and efficient buildings remain authentic with this masterpiece of an architectural structure. Combined with Harlo Capital‘s disciplined and thorough selection process, this condominium could not be in better hands. Each suite, in this phenomenal residence, is tailored to match the refined and luxurious taste of its occupants. Equally, this condo offers so much in terms of amenities that it would be incredibly difficult to ever ponder the question of leaving this exquisite home. 

30 Francis Street South Condos is the perfect illustration representing how architecture design fits perfectly with its surroundings. It’s located in an energetic and youthful part of the city where students from Conestoga College are seen taking part in the many highly rated restaurants. The area is also home to a secure and protective environment where it has the feel of an urban city without the suffocating dizziness of a grand metropolis. It combines a modern day lifestyle with a suburban sense of care. 



30 Francis Street South Condos is located at 30 Francis Street South, in the Kitchener neighbourhhod in Kitchener. It’s a vibrant and youthful location near the downtown area that has plenty to offer from an urban lifestyle to it’s eclectic shops and highly rated restaurants such as 271 West Restaurant (Italian Cuisine). But also has the warmth and charm of a small town. The locals are friendly and always willing to lend a hand should one be needed. It truly is an enchanting place to be. 


The development has a strong public transportation network. Residents are fortunate to be surrounded by a multitude of reliable bus and train stations. All of which are at a short walking distance. For those who prefer driving, Highway 7 and Highway 8 are close by and easily accessible to help drivers reach their desired destination. 


Another reason this area is so appealing, especially to families and students, is the many schools in the area. The condo is located at nearby many public schools and private schools such as Victoria Public School, St. Mary’s School and Stanford Academy.


In addition, for families who love outdoor activities, the town is nearby an abundance of beautiful parks and recreation facilities such as Kitchener Firefighters Memorial Park, Sandhills Park, and Memorial Park. All of which have gorgeous green spaces and playgrounds for children and the young at heart. 


30 Francis Street South Condos will be 44-storeys tall with 532 mixed units. Units will be a mix of one-bedroom and two-bedroom layout. 

Residents will also have access to the neighbourhood’s fine amenities and events such as local free festivals, annual entertainment events, farmer’s market kiosks, world class golf courses and much more.  



IN8 Developments are an incredibly successful team of real estate developers, with many projects located across Southern Ontario. They offer abundant housing choices for students, young professionals, and even downsizers who are looking for more manageable homes.


Harlo Capital is a Toronto-based private equity company identifying and investing in real estate developments across Canada. They endeavour to deliver sustained, above-market returns for their investors and partners by facilitating the flow of capital and knowledge to their co-developed projects.

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30 Francis Street South Condos

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