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Impressions of Kleinburg

Single-Family Homes and Townhouses at Vaughan

Arista created this master-planned community of Impressions of Kleinburg, which features beautiful single-family homes and townhomes. Each is a design masterpiece that demonstrates how this remarkable alliance of award-winning builders has honed their craft and refined their artistry down to the tiniest detail. Impressions of Kleinburg has a total of 488 units.
As a historic hamlet, it has been home to Canadian authors and prime ministers. As a natural environment, it has inspired both world-famous artists and regular nature enthusiasts. And it is now kindly welcome Impressions, a stunning new master-planned neighborhood.
A portrait of perfect family living. 



Arista Homes has developed this master-planned community in Kleinburg, perfectly situated between the east and west branches of the Humber River, provides all the delights of small town life while being only minutes from the large city amenities of Vaughan and the surrounding region.

This is a location where the ancient and the modern are intertwined to form a colorful tapestry of imaginative communal living – a place that embraces arts and culture, as well as family and friends.


Impressions of Kleinburg is a great option for people who rely on public transit to go about. This area is served by trains, buses, and other modes of transportation. Commuters may take the train at the closest Bramelea GO and Maple Train Stations, or they can take the bus to the Keele St. at Station Rd. bus station.

Bramelea GO

Motorists, on the other hand, will enjoy commuting because Highways 27, 400, 427, and 407 are all just minutes away.


The amazing array of surrounding facilities extends far beyond Kleinburg’s charming town setting. Vaughan’s many other attractive areas also provide handy shopping locations, such as Vaughan Mills, which has a plethora of big stores and top name brands.
Kleinburg’s main street is also ideal for a leisurely afternoon stroll through tempting cafés and eateries. You may eat at Diner ON 50, Belsito Trattoria, or Taste of Like Restaurant and Lounge. Starbucks, Tim Hortons, and Country Style are all less than 20 minutes away if you need a cup of coffee.

Belsito Trattoria

Furthermore, Impressions of Kleinburg is near several schools and institutions. Walking distance to Lorna Jackson Public School, Walnut Grove Public School, Kind Heights Academy, Vaughan College, and Sunview College.

Walnut Grve Public School


Impressions of Kleinburg is ideal for nature enthusiasts because it will be bordered by beautiful city parks such as Ezard Park, Martyniuk Park, and Maxey Park.

Also, less than 15 minutes away is the Kortright Centre for Conservation, which is known for its hiking, bird watching, and outdoor education programs and hosts the Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival in the spring, as well as Bindertwine Park’s breathtaking walking trails and Copper Creek, one of the GTA’s premier golf clubs.

Kortright Centre for Conservation


Artista Homes’ Impressions of Kleinburg Towns is a master-planned community  in Vaughan, Ontario. Floor designs range from 1,700 to 2,500 square feet, with three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.
The home’s outside is absolutely stunning, with a welcoming covered porch, eye-catching architectural features, big windows, and a two-car garage. The main level has a peaceful den that is tastefully divided from the major living rooms by the front hall and powder room.
The remaining main level features an open-concept design that flows seamlessly from the big living and dining space into the gourmet kitchen and into the cozy family room. The master bedroom on the second floor has a luxurious ensuite, a large walk-in closet, and a private office. The second level also has a laundry area and three extra bedrooms, all with ensuite bathrooms.


Arista homes logo

Arista Homes is a developer and has established over the past 20 years, building over 8,500 new homes across the GTA. Arista Homes starts at the home design stage but is entrenched in every decision and aspect of the building process. They are always looking to create homes that promote comfort, value, healthy living and vibrant communities.

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Impressions of Kleinburg


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